Guadalupe Valley Family Violence Shelter, Inc.
If you have been sexually assaulted, please call           1-800-834-2033 and speak to an advocate 24/7. 

Advocates are available to offer services, support, and information.  If you choose to seek medical attention, advocates are available to accompany you and help you through the process.

Seeking medical attention after a sexual assault is important.  You can receive care and speak to a doctor or nurse about any injuries you may have received and the possibility of pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections.  You may also receive a forensic examination by a specially trained Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner to collect and preserve evidence, check for injury, and address follow-up care.  These forensic examinations should be done as soon after the assault as possible because evidence may be lost as time passes.  You may have this exam even if you choose not to report to law enforcement.

 You are not required to report the sexual assault to law enforcement.  You can still receive free and confidential services even if you choose not to report. 


Sexual Assault is unwanted, non-consensual sexual contact. This may include using physical force, coercion, manipulation, or the use of drugs or alcohol. Sexual assault is NEVER the victim’s fault.

• In 2014, 18,756 Texans were the victim of a reported sexual assault. (TX DPS Texas Crime Report for 2014)

• Only about 20% of sexual assaults are reported.
• Most sexual assaults are committed by someone the survivor knew.
• 1 in 5 women and 1 in 20 men will be the victim of sexual assault in their lifetime.
• 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys will be sexually abused before their 18th birthday. (Child Advocacy Centers of Texas)